Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not at all surprised

I found out something new about Ron Paul: he's a Christian! When I found the link to his statement of faith, my emotion was akin to learning that the guy you have a crush on has a crush on you too. I also felt vindicated, in a way--I was following my heart and my head and not jumping on the Huckabee bandwagon simply because of his faith, and lo and behold Dr. Paul's a Christian, too. Like I was being rewarded for having faith in him or something. Silly, I know, and totally not true, but that's just how it felt.

They're planning another online donation bomb on MLK Jr. Day for Ron Paul. If you haven't yet checked out his site and read up on his politics, I urge you to do it before that date so that you can donate to the war chest along with the rest of us if you decide to support him.