Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mental illness and the church

A fellow writer and blogger, Julie Fidler, is currently working on a book about mental illness and the Christian church and needs a little help:

I'm writing a book about mental illness & the Church - what the Church has done right, what they've done wrong, what mental illness is, what it isn't, and how they need to improve in reaching out to the sick.

I'm looking to interview people with mental illness (depression and/or everything else!) who have stories to tell about their experiences with church and other Christians, both good and bad.

If you fit that description and would be willing to talk with her, you can contact her at She also posted about this on her blog. She's pretty open about this on her blog, so I think it's okay for me to tell you that Julie herself has bi-polar, so you won't be talking to someone who is only working from a theory standpoint--she's been there, done that. Knowing that might make it easier for folks to contact her; you know she will relate to you in a way most of us never can. Good luck, Julie!