Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh what a night (Drama part III)

THIS is why I never throw anything away! Old computer to the rescue!

It's sad how slow my writing life has been over the last year, but it's also a really good thing, because I was able to recover pretty much everything in that corrupted Books file by retrieving the folder off my previous laptop. The only un-updated thing was my current MS, which I've been saving chapter by chapter on Google Documents and was also able to save through Word into the new folder.

So, as far as I can tell, disaster has been averted. Time for bed.

I am my own worst enemey (Drama part II)

"Oh good!" I said to myself. "I can just restore that Books folder with the one on my external drive! But it's been awhile since I backed everything up--better do that first." So I selected everything on my desktop, dragged it to the external drive, and let it do its thing.

A warning box came up that said, "A file already exists with this name." I clicked "replace," then clicked in the handy "apply to all" box, knowing much of what is on my desktop is already on the drive and not wanting to have to click "replace" a million times.

'Course, what does that mean I replaced? The uncorrupted Books file with the corrupted one.

Just how stupid can I get? Not sure; research is ongoing.


Could it be...Satan?! (Drama part I)

Something is wrong with my Books folder on my desktop. It was fine, I was using it, all was well, and won't open. At all. And if I try to open it through another program (like to upload a file from it, which is what I was trying to do when I first discovered this issue, and which is what I had just done when it was working), it shuts down that program. All my other folders are fine. Just the one that I need to build my career, the one with all my manuscripts and research and ideas. What the heck!?!?

At least I backed everything up. I certainly learned my lesson after the Great Hard Drive Crash and Burn of 2007. But still--why that one folder, out of the ten folders on the desktop? Coincidence? I don't think so...