Saturday, April 26, 2008


The kid has been keeping us laughing lately with the things she comes up with:

At a restaurant:

Me: Abby, can I give you a hug?
Abby: No Mommy, I'm playing guitar on my straw.

During bath time:

Abby: [Rubber] ducky is hungry, Daddy.
Dan: Well I don't have any food for him. Do you?
Abby: Yes.
Dan: You do? What is it?
Abby: Applesauce.
Dan: Oh, where is it?
Abby: In my bebo*. (She puts the duck to her stomach; its bill firmly planted in her 'bebo.') Okay. He's eating now.

*That's 'bellybutton' for those of you who aren't familiar with Sandra Boynton's "The Bellybutton Book".

In the Chik-fil-A play area, where there are animals painted on the wall:

Abby: (pointing to the animals) Monkey says "cheep cheep".* Lion says "roar". Doggie says "woof woof". Kitty says "Hey-o!"

*Not really sure where "cheep cheep" came from, either.

And then, just now at bedtime, she melted my heart with her first spontaneous, original "thank you" to God. We have been spending a ton of time in the backyard the last few days because we got a new swingset and sandbox. So anyway, we pray at night by me saying a line and her repeating it. We say the same three thank you's every night, and then list individual things that happened that day. So after I did our three usual ones...:

Me: Thanks for the time with Gigi and Boppa.
Abby: Thanks for time with Boppa-Gigi.
Me: Thanks for the beautiful weather.
Abby: Thanks for boo-ful weather. And thanks for outside!