Thursday, November 13, 2008

Abby's portfolio

My Mac laptop has a program called Photo Booth. It's a photo program for the integrated webcam, and it allows you to add all these fun (and sometimes creepy) effects to your photos. Abby loves it, and somehow, in the last couple months, she has learned how to locate it in the dock, launch it, take photos AND add the effects. Keep in mind I not only NEVER showed her how to do ANY of this, but I never even showed her how you use the track pad or select button. Is this stuff programmed into the next generation's DNA or something? Anyway, she hops up to my computer all the time to take pictures, but it's always when I'm putting Penny Jane down for her nap. I've never looked through the photos she's taken until tonight, and I was cracking up and thinking, "I've GOT to post these." So, for your enjoyment, here are just a few self-portraits from Miss Abigail.