Saturday, August 09, 2008

five years

Today is Dan's and my fifth wedding anniversary. We agreed no presents, but he got me one anyway, the goof--a silver linked-heart necklace that Penny has not once tried to grab while nursing, long may it last. Like it?

We're in Ventura for the weekend, and right now we're watching the Angels (yay!) versus the Yankees (boo!) but my friend's husband is pitching for the Yankees (yay!) so its kinda hard not to cheer for him. He's doing really well, too (yay for him, boo for the Angels). Since we've gotten rid of cable we've never had the chance to see him pitch, so it's been a treat to see him on TV.

Thought I had wedding photos on this computer, but I guess not. I'll post one when we get back from Ventura...