Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things here

Health hasn't been so great here the last few days. I had my first official fibromyalgia flair-up--at least, that's what I'm assuming was the reason behind my neck, shoulders, back (both middle and lower), hips, and hands all aching in a bizarre way I've never really experienced before. It would also explain that buzz that was so loud in my ear I was walking around to every piece of electronics in the house and listening to it to figure out what was making that infernal racket. Not fun.

Then on Saturday Abby had a 24 hour stomach flu. It sucked, I felt so bad for her. Vomiting (including once in her carseat--gross), fever, lots of sleeping and whimpering, "Uppies!" But save for a bit of fever in the morning on Sunday, she's been fine ever since. Though we did get this little gem on Sunday:

"Mommy! I have a beaver again!"
"Um...you have a beaver?"
"Yeah, a beaver. Take my tempa-chur, I have a beaver!"

She's in the middle of a major growth spurt, too. Her naps have gone from 1.5 hours--2 on a great day--to 2-3 hours! I've had to wake her up the last few days because I don't want her wide awake at bedtime. When my parents saw her yesterday, my mom said she actually looked bigger to her.

On the writing front, I reached my September writing goal--10% of "Guilt" is complete! I also turned in my marketing pack to Zondervan, meaning I've made two deadlines on time in the past couple months. I'm quite proud. Writing is more difficult than I thought it would be--I really thought I'd done enough work on the scene synopses, but it turns out I didn't. But I'm learning a lot, and the next snowflake I do is going to be even better, and maybe *that* book will basically write itself.

Well, Abby wasn't up until 5 today, so even though it's nearly 9:30, I'm off to wrangle her into bed...


Regardless of whether or not you support the bailout bill, you should be outraged.

The outcome of the house vote on Monday was reflective of the opinion of the majority of Americans. That's how the system is supposed to work: the people tell their representatives what they want, and the representatives vote in a way that REPRESENTS the majority of their constituents. They don't say, "Well, I know 89% of the people in my district want me to say no, but that's not how *I* feel, so I'm going to vote yes."

Well, today the government basically told its citizens it didn't care what they wanted. They made some minor changes to the bailout bill and then attached it to a bill that was sure to get passed--a tax cuts for businesses bill. They also decided they didn't want to go through the house first, like they're supposed to. They're skipping the house--bypassing it altogether as though there wasn't a proper order for these things and you could just toss them anywhere willy-nilly--and going straight to the senate.

Is it just me, or is this underhanded, sneaky, and deceptive? Is anyone else as bothered as I am (and bothered is a gross understatement) by how the government consistently chooses to basically shred the Constitution in order to do whatever it wants? Yes, the minority of the country will be thrilled when the bailout bill gets passed, but how will you feel when they pull this kind of stunt with a bill you vehemently oppose? This isn't about the bailout bill anymore--this is about a government run by crooks.