Monday, October 29, 2007

Honest-to-goodness writing news

Shocker! I actually have something to blog about that is related to writing! Savor it; who knows when another will come along.

So I'm all excited because a great publishing house offered me a three book contract. I'm over the moon--and was a little freaked until I came up with some great second and third books ideas. Chip the Super Agent is starting negotiations today. Woohoo! I'm pumped about my other ideas, too. Haven't pitched them to the house yet because I'm still working on the ideas and want to wait until the contract is a sure deal, but I think they'll be great for this house.

It's nice to be wanted. :) And the best part is that they don't need the manuscript until next autumn! A whole year! Score!

More Abby-isms

I'm trying, really I am, to make this blog more about writing and less about my kid. But what can I do when she's so stinkin' cute?

- Three days in a row, after I finished singing "Silent Night" (one of her bedtime lullabies) she thrust her fist in the air and whispered, "Yesssss!"

- Conversation between her and Dan:
Dan: Do you taste like cookies?

Abby: Noooo.

Dan: Do you taste like chocolate?

Abby: Noooo.

Dan: Well, what do you taste like?

Abby: Toast!

- Conversation between me and Abby:

Me: Can I kiss you forever?

Abby: Nooo.

Me: Can I hug you forever?

Abby: Nooo.

Me: Well what can I do with you forever?

Abby: Watch "Clues"! (AKA Blue's Clues, her favorite tv show ever, and thankfully a really cute one that I don't mind watching eight million times in a row.)

- She turned her first somersault today! Not on purpose, of course--she was staring at me between her legs and moving her feet a bit and suddenly went over. She looked stunned and wasn't clear why I was clapping and all excited.

- She makes up little songs all time time. You can't usually tell what it is she's singing, but often she'll just sing "I like ____" (well, yike) and just list things over and over. This morning it was, "I like Blue. I like Joe. I like paci. I like grapes."