Monday, October 29, 2007

More Abby-isms

I'm trying, really I am, to make this blog more about writing and less about my kid. But what can I do when she's so stinkin' cute?

- Three days in a row, after I finished singing "Silent Night" (one of her bedtime lullabies) she thrust her fist in the air and whispered, "Yesssss!"

- Conversation between her and Dan:
Dan: Do you taste like cookies?

Abby: Noooo.

Dan: Do you taste like chocolate?

Abby: Noooo.

Dan: Well, what do you taste like?

Abby: Toast!

- Conversation between me and Abby:

Me: Can I kiss you forever?

Abby: Nooo.

Me: Can I hug you forever?

Abby: Nooo.

Me: Well what can I do with you forever?

Abby: Watch "Clues"! (AKA Blue's Clues, her favorite tv show ever, and thankfully a really cute one that I don't mind watching eight million times in a row.)

- She turned her first somersault today! Not on purpose, of course--she was staring at me between her legs and moving her feet a bit and suddenly went over. She looked stunned and wasn't clear why I was clapping and all excited.

- She makes up little songs all time time. You can't usually tell what it is she's singing, but often she'll just sing "I like ____" (well, yike) and just list things over and over. This morning it was, "I like Blue. I like Joe. I like paci. I like grapes."

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Meg said...

So, so, so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing!!