Friday, February 25, 2005

Art Therapy!

Oooooh, the potential for procrastination this site promises! :) It's called Art Pad, and it's a digital canvas that allows you to not only paint your own pieces (although the colors are a little limited) but to also watch a movie of your piece being created stroke-by-stroke, to add your piece to the gallery for all the world to see, and to even add to other's painting and watch their creation movies. (If you click on that link, it takes you straight to my masterpiece, "Sun on the Lake." Be sure to be duly impressed.) Now some of these people are _serious_ artists, and their stuff doubly impressive after trying to make your own; I was quite frustrated to find I couldn't even draw a straight line. (Although that might be due more to the fact that, even though I'm left-handed, I've always used my mouse and track pad with my right hand, so when I try to draw I'm having to use my left hand in a way I've never used it before.)

Anyway, have fun, knock yourself out, and be sure to put the link to your piece in a comment to me so I can go look! :)

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