Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Christmas Vacation!

Remember the first Monday of Christmas vacation, when you woke up and realized "Wow, vacation is really here; I really don't have to go to school for two whole weeks!" And then you throw off the covers and jump out of bed and your head fills up with all the things you can't wait to do now that you have time, and you're in the best mood, because your finals are through and your classes are done and when you go back to school it'll be a fresh start with new classes and people and schedules. Well, THAT is how I feel this morning--to the extent of swearing before I opened my eyes that there would be snow on the ground. (Although I don't remember ever being able to wear shorts and a tank top at Christmas. I'm pretty sure I heard rain in the middle of the night, though.) Having finished that rough draft took such a huge load off my shoulders. And even though the process is far from done--lots of editing still to come--I get a nice little break before I have to start, and I feel like I have all the time in the world.

So of course once it hit you that you had two whole weeks, you made a list, didn't you, of all the things you were going to do with your time. And so have I, although I don't quite know how much time I have, so the list is pretty flexible. But still, I love lists and wouldn't think of approaching this new time without one. On the list we have:
-plan a baby shower (no, not my own--for my friend Tania whose baby is due at Halloween)
-catch up on the laundry and get a new system going that does not allow the corner of our office to look like a dresser exploded (yes, the clothes are in the office because we turned the master bedroom into our office--who needs a giant room for a bed when all you do is sleep in there?)
-make all those get-together-for-coffee appointments I've been putting off
-clean the office

This last one is the source of night terrors for me. See, we don't really have any storage in that room--we have wonderful storage plans, just nothing actually done because that, of course, takes money. So, because we lack storage, we lack organization, and because we lack organization, every flat surface of that room becomes a catch-all for books, papers, pictures, office supplies, loose change, extra buttons--you name it. I've been using the recliner in the family room as my writing area (thank heavens for laptops!) for months because I can't actually see the surface of my desk. And actually, the space on the floor around my desk is just as bad, to where I can barely even get to the desk itself without risking life and limb. This simply must stop. I can't allow myself to continue like this any longer. A woman needs her creative space, and it really shouldn't be smack in front of the television.

So I'm totally pumped. I'm going to go ride the stationary bike upstairs for a bit, take my shower, do my quiet time, and then hit that list! Three cheers for pseudo-vacation!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL good luck with that room! I must say I love that you have your office in the master bedroom!

I finished my rough (very rough) a couple weeks ago (my first one that I've ever finished.) and still haven't done anything to celebrate unless you count getting a new business off the ground. LOL

ValMarie said...

YAY for productivity. I'm getting a handle on the chaos in my office right now, 15 minutes at a time. :-)