Sunday, April 09, 2006

Do you have any creative ideas for these?

I was all excited when we got back from Vegas last night (at midnight--oi!) because a box from Waterbrook was sitting on the front step. I thought for sure it was my advance copies of "Violette Between," but no, it was a box of about a hundred "Violette Between" covers. I got the same thing when "Worlds Collide" came out, and I'm still none the wiser on what the heck to do with them. I used the "Worlds Collide" ones as invitations to my book launch party, and they looked pretty cool, but I don't know if I'm doing a party this time, and even if I did I'd still have a ton left over. I really want to use them for SOMETHING--it seems like a waste to just let them sit in my office--and obviously the publisher thinks they'll be handy or else they wouldn't spend the money on them for me. I just wish they'd send a list of ideas with them! Last time I also received a box of about a thousand "Worlds Collide" postcards, and again, they just sat around because I didn't know what to do with them. I handed out about 20 to strangers at the CBA convention, and when I went to the Women of Faith convention I stood outside and handed them out to women as they entered the building, which used up probably two hundred or so. So, point being, I assume a box of "Violette Between" postcards (which are honest-to-goodness postcards, with a split down the center to separate the address section from the short book description and a "place stamp here" box in the upper corner) are on their way as well, and again I've no idea what to do with them.

So, my question to you is: What would you do with a box of 100 book covers and 1000 postcards? I am willing to spend a bit of money doing something with them--this is marketing, after all, and you've gotta be willing to put some money behind your book. The postcards don't have any space to write on the back, really, unless you write a message in the address section, in which case you're obviously not sending them anywhere. The book covers are blank, and they're the WHOLE cover, back and front, and are actual book size. (I sliced off the back part for the party invitations last year.)

Incentive: best idea gets a free copy of the book!


Meg said...

OK, OK, here's my idea:

Take them to your local Barnes & Noble (or Borders, whatever).

Bring a glue stick.

Distract the sales staff (Scream "Omigosh, there's Oprah!" or something).

Glue your covers to the outside of whatever the hugest book display is. Instant advertising!!

Buffy said...

You could sign the postcards, send them to local bookstores, and have the stores offer them as a "signed bonus insert" with the purchase of Violette Between. As for the book covers, I would say make a collage/display of the covers (think Andy Warhol-ish) to set-up as a backdrop or table drape when you do book signings. And if that doesn't work, you could always hire a plane/helicopter to fly over the CBA Convention or another venue that attracts book readers and drop the covers or postcards out for people to pick up as advertisement (although this might leave a mess later). Anyway, best wishes with this venture! Can't wait to read the new book!

~Buffy Jameson

Malissa said...

leave them on all bulletin boards, stuff them in all bills you pay...

david said...

alison ~ my wife linda, and i own and manager a bookstore in a village near our home in western pennsylvania (near the pittsburgh airport) . . . last year Ruth Graham was in our store and it was such a "hit" they are coming back this summer around father's day for the release of her latest book . . . this month on April 26th Karen Kingsbury is scheduled . . . we are really hopeful for a great turn out . . .

i have read your blog off and on for some time and was thinking that perhaps you might be ready/interested in doing an "in-store" book signing at some point this year??? read and discuss portions of the book in the store (or by teleconference?) . . . sign a few books . . . read and discuss some more and people allow . . . that kind of thing . . . you can do a mapquest from your house

anyway, i thought that perhaps we could also connect with one of the local churches in the area and you could make a weekend thing out of it?? with a saturday at the store and friday and/or sunday at a church thing?? your thoughts?? your interest???

linda manages the store and i try to manage the business . . . however, over the last 20 months or so i have been struggling with health issues that have been very limiting in terms of my actual presence in the store . . . the most likely place to catch me is via cell . . . but if you have no luck on my cell feel free to call the store and ask for linda tell her i emailed you about the possibilities for an in-store and she will help you find me to discuss some logistics and details of this if you are interested . . .

: : : peace

david robinson
logos bookstore
1701 third street
beaver, pa 15009
724-728-7775 (Store)
412-417-5155 (Cell)