Friday, April 06, 2007

Please act!

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that nutrition has become a big issue for me--as in, an issue I champion and discuss often, not an issue as in it's a problem. (Well, actually, it still is a problem--old habits are hard to break, ya know! But that's not what I mean.) Well, I found out today that the FDA is trying to pass legislation which will make supplements illegal. High-quality supplements have been a huge part of my successful weight loss and continuing health, and are practically the only way my mom is keeping her hypoglycemia at bay. If the FDA gets its way, supplements--as well as natural health therapies--will be classified as medicine, meaning only doctors can dispense or practice them. People like my nutritionist, who was able to get to the bottom of my mom's health problems when doctors could not, will not be able to sell them anymore, nor will your local health food store.

If you're not into natural remedies, then that's fine, but I would still ask that you help keep them an option for those of us who rely on them. Please go to this petition and sign it, then forward it to your friends and family. If you have a blog, please post a quick article and the link and ask your readers to sign it, too. The FDA has bowed to public pressure in the past--please do your part to make them do it again!


crownring said...

Dear Alison,

You might want to read this.

Apparently this urban legend has been around for years. As someone who uses herbals to help control menopausal symptoms and to hopefully ward off the heart disease that runs in our family, I was very concerned when I read your blog post. However something seemed suspicious about the site you linked, so I decided to check with snopes before getting upset. Hope this eases your worries a bit!


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Actually, I don't think this is the same as the email hoax from 2001. Go to to read more. The woman pictured on the video on the left is a nutritionist who quit her practice to fight CODEX and the FDA as they try to regulate herbals. Watch that video--CODEX is to be feared.