Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I miss my car.

And it's going to be quite a while before I see it again. The mechanic called with the estimate (which the other guy's insurance is paying, THANK GOODNESS, because it's over $5,000!) and said it would probably be another...FOUR WEEKS. AAAAAUUUHHHGG! Although, I have to admit, the Nissan Quest we're renting drives really nicely--much more smoothly than our Odyssey. If you're thinking of getting a van, definitely test drive it.

But, regardless of how nicely it drives, I still want mine back. Besides the fact that I'm always worried when I drive a rental--what if I bust it?--it also doesn't have all the little stashes of handy stuff that we've built up in the Honda over the last year and a half. You don't think about how often you dip into those stashes until they're not there.

One good thing: Abby's learning to ride in the car without watching "Dee-dee." It's been a week and she still points to the ceiling and says, "Dee-dee?" every time we get in. I am greatly disturbed by her attachment to video. I think, when we get the Odyssey back, we'll NOT be watching it as much as we were. Though when she sees it's there and we're just not playing it, I can guarantee she'll throw a fit. Oh well. It's amazing how good I'm getting at tuning out those screams.


Ivo Beutler said...

Oh, kids do have some peculiar hobbies inside the car... Good thing Abby learned to control hers. How old was she back then? I'm actually not familiar with Dee-dee, I'm sorry... =|

Ivo Beutler

Tyra Shortino said...

Awww! I know how it feels when you are not using your own car. The attachment is mutual, especially if you have been driving it for a long time. Thank goodness Dee-dee adjusted well with the rented car. So how's the car now?

Tyra Shortino