Friday, June 08, 2007



Does SoCal have the wussiest-named sport teams in the country or what?


Dan said...

Um - no, they do not.

Where did this post come from? Perhaps you would prefer "The Little Baby Bears"? Oh wait, someone in Chicago has that one, and it is not the team that is named after a sock, which is not the most manly name either.

I submit that Bulls and Bears sound fairly non-wussy, but I am pretty sure they would both drown in a Lake, be beaten in a water race by a Clipper, be avoided by a Dodger, have just about anything that needed to be done to them done to them by an Angel, be hunted down and killed by the King's men, and be unable to scare or harm the humble men of God. As for the Ducks, ask the Wild, the Canucks, the Red Wings and the Senators about that one.


(love ya)

Dan said...

...and so there is no misunderstanding, I was not saying that the name "Ducks" could not be considered a little wussyish. That's what you get when you let Disney name you. But, given that, it really could have been a lot worse. I mean, we could have been, "The Cheshire Cats" or "The Cinderellas" or "The Teacups" or "The Pirates of the Caribbean of Anaheim." So, Ducks is not terrible, and it is better than the Penguins and a few other names out there. Besides, there are few things more humiliating than being savaged by a duck.

Meg said...

I actually really like the sound of "The Teacups" as a team name. But which pro sport? Football seems too obvious. Maybe basketball.

Remember, now, that some of those teams are imports from other parts of the country. The Lakers from Minnesota... the Dodgers from Brooklyn... OK I don't know if there are any more.

Cameron Conant said...

As a Michigan native, I'm going to take up for Detroit here and say our names are not to be messed with: Lions and Tigers. (Just ignore the fact that the Lions have the worst record in the NFL over the last five years)

And well, a Piston...I suppose that could be dangerous if it was in the process of firing in an engine. But what in the world is a Red Wing? I'm not sure...but it's red. And that's sort of freaky.

First time visitor to the site. Stumbled onto it through Chip MacGregor's page. Nice work.

Grace and Peace to you, Alison---