Sunday, July 01, 2007

Image Angst

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. Not a Great Clips trim, but a real haircut that will hopefully infuse some life into my limp n' lame locks. Highlights, too. Goin' all out, I am! But I'm oscillating between A) just getting layers cut into the front to give my face more of a frame, or B) going back to my super short hair days. I'm never good with choices, and when it comes to my hair I'm even worse.

I decided to go under the scissors after rediscovering Lisa Loeb. She's done some kids music and I was on her site the other day checking out videos, and her hair is SO cute! And it's my length, so her 'do is, well, doable. The question is whether or not that look will look good on me. You tell me: here's me now and a pic of Lisa from her site:

Now, the thing is, I will not put more than about 90 seconds' worth of styling effort into my hair. I just won't. Not on a regular basis, anyway. For big events or stuff where I know my pic might get taken, then sure, but there's no way I'm hauling out the blow dryer and round brush just to go to the park with Abby. And never having had my hair cut this way, I don't know what kind of styling it might require. Sure doesn't look like much, but I could be wrong.

And I'm struggling with whether or not it would look too youngish. I mean, Lisa's got the whole Cute Artsy Girl thing going on, with the glasses and retro-y, bohemian outfits. I do have to get new glasses, and when Dan saw hers he was all like, "Hey, you should get some like those!" But I already struggle a LOT with feeling like a kid and not an adult--so do I really want to overhaul my look to match when it's not something I'm particularly like about myself?

Okay, so, choice B is essentially this:

That's me back when I first moved out to Cali, in '01. I LOVED that hair. It wasn't wash-n-go, either, but it was a heck of a lot closer; I mean, really, there's just not a lot of styling possible when your hair is that short. But it takes a REALLY LONG TIME to grow it out when I get bored with it, and the in-between stages are SO not pretty. In terms of the image it gives, though, it just looks more adult to me. And I'll be honest, I think I felt a lot more confident when my hair was short like that. Don't ask me why--maybe because I felt more adult because I thought I looked more adult. But I just can't get over the fact that, if I decide I don't like it, there's nothing I can do about it but wait for it to grow out. Ugh.

And no, Dan claims he doesn't care what I do. (Though when I said, "I don't know how to have my hair cut," the first thing he said was, "How about like Lisa Loeb?")

Okay, so, I need some votes and feedback. My appointment is at 3:30 PST on Monday. You've got till then to tell me what you think. Help me here, folks!


Anonymous said...

Okay, we've got three Alison's here: your longer hair Ali--great smile, by the way. Shorter hair Ali, very sassy! And in between--on your profile piccha, and that's a fantastic, too. All of them are workable, and baby, you worked them all! But it's summer. Personally, I'm loving my shorn, blonde locks, but I'm certain in the late fall I will mourn my braid 'fro. It took me a year to grow my hair that pitiful length. So, I feel you on the waiting for it to grow back thing. Lisa looks great, and sexy specks, like love, cover a multitude of sins. She also looks like she has highlights. So, what if you got a bada**, very sassy cut that maintained that longer length, some highlights, and the sexy specs and dazzled Dan and the rest of us with that? You can always color the highlights out if they get on your nerves later, and even change the specs, but you wouldn't have sacrificed the length of your hair if you go with that option.

Do your thang, girl. We're rootin' for ya. You're beautiful (and look like a grown up) no matter what. And hey, enjoy looking and feeling young! It goes waaay too fast.

Gary said...

I'll go with the Lisa Look. As you know, I'm partial to gals with glasses.


Adventures in Aberdeen said...

I'm thinkin you should definitely leave some've waited so long for it to grow and ya look super cute in braids!