Monday, August 27, 2007

Whole buncha random stuff

Since I tend to compile all Abby's little accomplishments and such on this blog, rather than in a baby book or something, I wanted to do a quick documentation of random little things I've been meaning to record. So here goes:

1. Today she identified her first color, and fittingly, it was pink, which she said very clearly as she handed me a piece of pink chalk.

2. Four new words, totally out of the blue today. (Oh wait, five--already forgot about pink!): fork, kiwi, tummy, and pick.

3. We read the same five books every day before nap and bed, and every time she does funny things with some of the books:
--turns "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" upside down when we get to "On Thursday he ate four strawberries, but he was still hungry." After a few times of her doing this I realized one of the strawberries is upside down.
--on "Good Morning, Good Night," which is one of those lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel books, she pets all the animals with her feet, and on the last page, where there's a little girl in a bed where you cover her up with a little felt blanket, she always uncovers her. Fitting, since she hates being covered up and always violently kicks off the sheets when they cover even just her feet.
--she has made up some hand signs for "Personal Penguin": she pokes her finger up her arm, all the way to her neck, while I read nearly every page, and when we get to the line "here and there and everywhere and always with you" she points straight out, like she's pointing to someone.

4. The whole pre-potty training thing is still sort of going on, though she's not nearly as interested in it as she was those first couple days. She has, however, for the last couple days, told us when she needed a poopy diaper changed. Progress!

5. When you ask if you can kiss her, she throws her head back and bares her throat. I guess we've kissed her there so many times she's just making it easier for us.

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