Monday, September 03, 2007

The heat, my gosh, the heat!

It's been really unbelievable. I mean, yes, we're in California, but honestly it's not usually THIS bad for THIS long. And it usually cools down significantly at night, but lately it has not. The other night it was 83 upstairs at 1 AM; Dan finally just put the a/c on because we were all so uncomfortable. We can't use our whole house fan because the air outside is just as bad as it is inside. Arg! Our electricity bills are KILLING us. I don't know how people can live in the Inland Empire and the desert and Las Vegas. It's just insane.

My dad did the message at Saddleback Church (home of the Purpose Driven everything) this weekend and Dan and I ran the book table to sell copies of "The Case for the Real Jesus", which released a couple weeks ago. Saddleback is weird when it comes to buildings; they don't have very many. Most of their stuff is held in tents or under canopies an stuff, so we were outside from 4:30-8:45 Saturday night, and from 9:45-1:30 Sunday morning. They had an easy-up type thing set up for us, but it was just as hot under it as it was outside; we just didn't have the sun beating down on us directly. Truly, the heat was remarkable. We kept chugging water, and I just felt so bad for all the folks standing in line to buy the book, and then standing in an even longer and slower-moving line to have Dad sign it. But obscene temperatures aside, the book selling went awesome. They have 6 services and we sold out by the end of the 4th. But for the rest of the afternoon and evening I was so dog-tired I could barely think straight. I ended up going to bed at 8:30 and slept nearly solid until 7:15 this morning!

And speaking of sleeping, Abby never napped yesterday! Saturday we didn't get her home from my parents' place until nearly 10, and she didn't get to sleep until nearly 10:30, and then Sunday morning I had to wake her up at 8:45 so I could feed her her breakfast banana before taking her back to my parents' place so Mom could watch her while we did the book thing. So when do you put a kid down for a nap when they've woken up so late? Turns out, you don't. :) And she did great! No meltdowns, really, just slightly more dramatic reactions to things than normal. I put her down at 8 she slept until 7:30. Not bad!

So, back to the heat. Sorry, what can I say, I'm obsessed. All manner of creepy/crawly/flying thing is worming its way into the cool confines of the house, all of which Abby points to and shrieks, "Bee!" when they come anywhere near her.

Oh, non-heat related comment: agave nectar + cinnamon = SO FREAKING GOOD. The best syrup for French toast or pancakes or whatever you'll ever have. And so much healthier for you than regular syrup! Yum!

Now I'm hungry.


Julie Anne Fidler said...

Selling books for your dad sounds cool, but standing out in the heat does not. I guess you should be thankful that you're not among the poor Californians currently without electricity, huh?

Meg said...

LOL! Eddie calls all creepy/crawlies "bee!" also. And he's not quite counting, but he did recently name his bellybutton "Bobby."