Sunday, February 24, 2008

24 hours left to vote!

So for all you lurkers (and I know there are a lot of you--I have my ways!) this is just a reminder that your chance to win free fabulous books is just about over! Head over to the contest on my baby blog and cast your vote for our mystery baby's stats. No more votes will be accepted after I get up on Tuesday morning. (Which I guess means you have more than 24 hours, but whatever, you know what I mean.)

And you know what that means. THE BABY IS ALMOST HERE. Not soon enough, if you ask me and my bum leg. In preparation for The Big Day, Dan spend the entire day working on the bedroom--painting the one wall that still needed to be painted, cleaning out all the crap that was in there, setting the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper back up (which required moving our crazy-heavy beds all by his lonesome) and thus sacrificing any kind of bedside storage for himself since our bedroom is only about two feet wider than our bed and most of that space is required by the co-sleeper, which is on myside of the bed. Poor guy. Though if this kid is anything like Abby s/he won't be in the co-sleeper long, but will be snuggled with the rest of us in the "big bed" by mid-summer.

When Abby saw the co-sleeper, she of course wanted to get in. Got quite upset when we wouldn't let her sleep in there, in fact. Dan asked her if she wanted us to set up her own little bed at the foot of ours, and she said yes, but of course once we do it she'll probably freak out if we suggest she try actually sleeping in it. But we have the perfect place for it, and Ikea sells great little toddler beds that adjust in length as the child grows, so we may get one soon and just set it up in there for her to get used to. I know it's going to be a long, slow transition from our bed to hers, but I'm guessing she'll be in there by the time she's 4 or so. And no, I'm not saying that with laughter in my voice. Four is actually a pretty optimistic estimate.

So I've got 12 chapters done of the book and about 2.5 pages of chapter 13 done. There are three days this week that I might be able to write. If I wrote on all of them, that would get me, if I'm lucky, to the end of chapter 14. The week after that I have about 5 days, which could theoretically get me halfway through chapter 17. The week after that, possibly through chapter 20, if the week stays as clear as it currently is. That's assuming, of course, that the baby doesn't come until the week of the 16th, which is when I'm technically due, though I have felt for quite a while now that the baby would come early, like week 39. But if not, then that's about...I don't know...maybe 75% done? Maybe more, I'm not sure, I don't plot out by chapter--that's a method I might try with the next book, though. But point being, the book will not be done by the time the baby comes. I had high hopes, but who am I kidding?? But regardless, if I could get to chapter 20 by the time the baby came, I would be a very happy woman. Free books and chocolate to anyone who comes up with a successful way to keep me accountable.

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lisa s. said...

Girl, I've missed you. I think I'm emerging from the funk of dark winter. I'm so excited about the baby! Wonderful!!

Much love. lisa