Saturday, June 07, 2008

What she said

Lately Abby's been having this conversation on the phone, over and over: "Hello? Oh, hi...oh yeah?...*laugh* Great!...okay, buh-bye."
Me: Who are you talking to?
Abby: There's an angel on the phone!
Me: Oh really? What angel?
Abby: Mary's angel.
Me: Oh, what did he say?
Abby: Mary's having a baby.

Can you tell we've been reading her Jesus storybook a lot lately? :)

Other cute things she's said lately:

(upon realizing one of her socks had fallen off) "Lookit, Mommy, I have a sock and a foot! I take off the other one--I want to wear only feet."

Abby, with phone to her ear: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Abby, holding up a finger: Wait a second, I'm on the phone.

(hugging her sippy cup) "It's okay, I gotcha baby, I gotcha," followed by little soft hums and pat-pats on the cup's "back." She mimics the tone I use with Penny Jane exactly.


Drew T. said...

Wow! Those are precious! They remind me of when my two older nephews were that's so much fun, isn't it? It's really interesting when you see them doing something and wonder where in the world they learned it, and then you catch yourself doing the exact same thing later and realized they learned it from's such an engrained habit you don't even realize you do it!

Meg said...

Omigosh those are TOO CUTE. Thanks for sharing! The phone convo with the angel is the best. Like, you can just imagine the angel's announcement on the other end!