Saturday, August 02, 2008

Toddler Spirituality, Part 2

Yesterday I took the girls to the RSM lake to meet up with some friends. While we were there we ran into a woman I was in a small group with back before Abby was born. After she left, Abby said, "Who that?"

"That was Miss Lori. Mommy knew her before you were born."

"Oh. I was with Jesus before I was born."

*boggle* "Um...really?"

"Yeah. Penny Jane was, too."

"PJ lived with Jesus too?"


"Before she was born?"

"Yeah. He's gone now."

"Jesus is gone? Like, he's up in heaven?"


We've never said anything to her about her living with Jesus before being born. I have no idea where she came up with the idea. Unless...


Sheridan said...

I think that is so great! I think we did live with Jesus before we came here. I also think that kids remember things from before. But it slowly fades. I love things like this that make us think and see the incredible pureness of our kids!

Leslie said...

That is precious!
I just love hearing things that child has to say.
See ya soon!