Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday was a red-letter day for Abby. She had her first McDonald's cheeseburger. We were at the mall, it was dinnertime, she likes hamburgers and chicken finger-type foods and anything else is very hit-or-miss, even if she's had it and liked it in the past. I was tired of buying her food she won't eat, and didn't want to deal with the whole eat-two-bites-say-I'm-done-then-complain-for-the-next-hour-about-how-hungry-she-is routine. SO I got the apple dippers to go with it, and a cup of water (which is all she wants to drink anyway) and comforted myself with the fact that she lasted about 20 months longer than a lot of kids her age when it comes to getting her first taste of the quintessential fast food.

Then this morning I ran across this.

WOW do I wish I'd just bitten the bullet and gotten her pb&j from Paradise Cafe instead.


wolf said...

I am hoping to keep my children away from the golden arches as long as possible. Maybe if they never have it they won't know what they are missing. I had very little trouble quitting smoking, but I could never kill my addiction to Mickey D's.

Gary said...

Personally, I don't buy the pictures. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, especially bread can last that long without turning a rather grassy shade of green.

I have not eaten a McDonald's burger in quite some time but, I have to asks why the current life expectancy is considerably higher than it was BEFORE McDonald's.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

I think that life expectancy is the wrong category. There are way too many factors directly involved in that question.

What people should be asking is whether heart disease and obesity, among a myriad of other similar symptoms and diseases, have increased since McDonalds. There is no question they have and there is no question that fast food has played an integral part in this.

That said, I question the veracity of the photos as well. Personally, the Nutritional Information sheet at McDonald's tell a scarier story.

Gary said...

Regarding my previous comment... Please believe me when I say I'd have preferred Abby had not eaten at McDonald's just like you. I am convinced that the food they sell is, for the most part, not what we should be eating.

However, I did a little checking. Take a look at the wrapper in the photo. The jingle "I'm Lovin It" began in 2003! That's far from being twelve years old. Seriously makes me wonder about the entire story.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Actually, if you read the blog post that accompanies the photo, you'll see the woman uses the new wrapper for when she brings the burger with to be a prop for her healthy eating workshop.

Someone else on my parenting forum said she (or was it her sister? I can't remember) tried the same experiment a few years ago, and their doesn't look any different either.

Dan said...

I think we can all agree that, regardless of the lifespan of a McDonald's hamburger, we should probably avoid them whenever possible.

: )

Gary said...

I seem to recall a very young man who, while on tip toes and hanging on to the counter with both hands saying to the McDonald's associate, "I don't want any rice on my hamburger"!!! (onions) He STILL DOESN'T want onions on his burgers!

I STILL don't buy the photos! In fact I've decided to head to Mickey D's tomorrow, buy a Burger and do my own experiment! I'll keep you posted.

By the way, what happened to the pickle, mustard and ketchup in the photo? Maybe she asked for it VERY plain!