Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pepper is the new ketchup

We've always known Abby likes her food with some taste, you know? She loves salsa, for example. I didn't even try salsa until I was 21.

But really, this is ridiculous.

It started at Claim Jumper's the other day. Dan took her there for dinner because I needed a break. They started putting pepper on her...grapes. Yes. Grapes. And she loved it.

Fast forward to today. We're eating dinner at my parents' place. I come back from putting Penny Jane down for a nap and find Abby sprinkling pepper on her...cucumber. Ooookay. Then Mom tells me she ate six cherry tomatoes--which she has previously loathed--all dusted with pepper. For dessert, she had applesauce, and, well...


Drew T. said...

Wow! The curveballs they throw at you sometimes! Haha! Actually, I don't remember if it was the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, or Romans (maybe all three), but one of those groups put pepper on a lot of their fruit...maybe your daughter just has a palate for ancient cuisine?

Tishia Chambers said...

At least it's not tabasco sauce like my 2 year old son loves!