Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The plot thickens


Your thoughts?


wolf said...

Hmmm....I'm torn because the argument seems sound but I wonder why the Republicans haven't pursued it. Certainly Homeland Security or the FBI should be able to put this to rest in a matter of minutes...

Meg said...

Holy cats, that thing is LONG. I can't get through it all. Is his point that Obama's birth certificate is forged... and is he assuming it's because Obama wasn't born in the US? I don't doubt this guy knows what he's talking about with regards to document verification, but this is a very serious issue. And he seems to make some pretty sweeping generalizations about the printing of birth certificates. I've had to order copies of my kids' birth certificates and I'm not so sure that an "embossing" would, indeed, show up on a scan. It's just a small indentation on the paper. So if there's truth in his claims, surely someone with more time on their hands than I, can summarize this thing so that regular people can make sense of it without spending hours doing their own primary research. Surely someone with the job of vetting the new prez of the US, or someone who maybe has differing political views from that person but who even knows who that person is, will thoroughly check this kind of thing.

I, on the other hand, have to go research schools for my kids to go to, and research which chemicals I have to try to avoid in their shampoos and soaps (and whether or not I can afford to purchase the items lacking such chemicals) and research which vitamins I can give them that can help them stay healthy through this very long cold and flu season we're working through.

So what I'm saying is: YES it's super important that the Prez is born in the USA. It's in the Constitution, right? It's so important that I seriously can't worry about it -- but I have confidence that people who CAN, will. :) :) And at that point, I will hear about it in a format that will not take me six hours to read and decipher.

So that's what I think! :) :)