Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help me research!

I've started the research for the next book and wow, this one's gonna be a research doozy! I'm looking at some books I may get for some of it, but it's always so much more helpful for me to be able to dialogue with people who are experienced in the area I'm researching, so I can ask the weird little questions that books don't typically address. So, to that end, I'm putting out a call! If you or someone you know has either had a heart transplant, knows someone who has, or has served on a medical team that performs heart transplants, and you/they would be interested in answering some questions for me, please send me a note. Thank you!


Nicole said...

I vote you should watch "Return To Me" :-D

sorry, that's not very helpful. lol

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

*LOL* Oh my goodness, I LOVE that movie! Unfortunately they sort of gloss over a lot of the stuff I'd need to know...understandably, of course. But I think I'd be justified in watching it anyway--you know, for inspiration. ;)

Recis said...

Hi Again!

It's me, Recis (well, if you don't remember me).

I've served as an operating room nurse and may have a little something (but significant) to share. Just ask. I'll try my best. Eh-he-he! GOD bless on your new book!

Recis said...

By the way, maybe you could get heart transplant information from Dr. House or Grey's Anatomy. Just a suggestion. :)