Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fun new test!

Oh, my's a great grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary test. Think you know the English language well? Test yourself. Here are my results:

You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Now I have to go look at the answer key and figure out which one(s) I screwed up!


RAGZ said...

screwed what????:o

Meg said...

I finally took this test, now that the link is up. ;) I got them all right except for "further/farther" (which is funny because the other day I was JUST thinking about those two and the fact that I can't tell them apart)... and "hanged/hung" -- I kind of thought they were interchangeable. I looove grammar!