Monday, August 01, 2005

Halfway there!

Well, I officially surpassed the halfway mark for my minimum word requirement on my current manuscript! Unfortunately I think I'm more than halfway through, outline-wise, so I'm going to have to start stretching these last chapters. :) If I write 2000 words a day for the next three weeks, I'll reach my goal of finishing the book by the end of the month. (Well, clarification: if the story only last for 70,000 words, then I'll be done by the end of the month. If it takes longer, I'm screwed.) Hallelujah for flexible editors, though; Shannon said she'd work with me if I didn't quite make it by September 1. I think I can do it, though.

We leave the 16th for a week in Chicago--my little brother (heh, little--he's 27) gets married the 13th here in California, then we're all schlepping to Chicago for a second reception for everyone who can't make it out here the 13th. Dan and I are turning it into a little vacation, so we're going out early to be tourists and for him to meet all my friends out there that he still hasn't met after two years. (Our anniversary is the 9th of this month!!) I won't be able to write that week, but I'm going to do something I haven't done before with a manuscript, and that's print it out and read it like a book instead of just reading it off my computer. I figure I'm always editing the books I read without a problem, so maybe it'll be easier editing my own stuff if it's on paper and not on a screen. We'll see if it works. If nothing else, it'll give me something to do on the plane.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

yay on the halfway mark! I did that recently (this is my first book and it's going to be way short. LOL)

I hear a lot of people say they do better by printing it out to edit.

Have fun on your trip!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Christopher said...

Awesome Blog! I added you to my bookmarks. My site is on corvettes if you would like to come and give me a review!

ValMarie said...

It's always been easier for me to edit off of a printed page, then the computer screen. Less strain on the eyes and I'm less likely to skip over little errors.

I've heard several other authors mention that they prefer to edit their drafts on paper as well.

Hope the writing goes well for you. :-)