Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

So tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm going to the taping of Ellen's 500th show--and it airs on Thursday! To find out when it airs in your city, click here. No clue where we'll be sitting--can't even say for sure we'll get in; I don't know how this kind of thing works, but I don't think it's guaranteed--but I'll be wearing a beige crinkled blouse with long sleeves and brown/beige pants. My hair is a lot longer than what you see in my profile photo; it's pretty much at my shoulders now. We're getting there at 9 AM to get in line, and it tapes at two. The guests: Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr.! I'm bringing a copy of the book for Ellen--think I should bring one for Hillary and Barbara, too?

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Charlene said...

Hi Alison, You don't know me but I have been on the web trying to find peoples accounts of going to the Ellen show. I just got a call today that I can have tickets in October. I was totally excited until they told me that they are on a first come first serve basis and they hand them out at 8:30 am. The taping is at 4pm. I live in Florida and have never been to CA. I am planning to meet my mom and sister there as they live in PA. I am still excited but wish I knew how it worked. If you could email me in your spare time I would so appreciate it. My email is charsand68@aol.com. My sister wants to camp out all night just so we get in. We so don't want to be riff raff!! Any helpful hints at all would be great. Thanks, Charlene Sanders