Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Violette Between Releases Today!

When I signed my Waterbrook contract back in 2002, today seemed soooo far away. But there's nothing like getting married and having a baby to make the time fly by!

I hope that you all enjoy it--it's not a sequel to "Worlds Collide," although I do have plans for one in the future. "Violette Between" asks the question: If you had the opportunity to relive your time with someone you've lost to death--a spouse, a child--would you do it, even if it meant giving up your future?

For those of you in book clubs, this book will definitely give you a lot of fodder for conversation. And my website, alisonstrobel.com, lists some ways your book club can do a Q & A with me after you've read one of my books.

If you read it and like it, please give me an Amazon review--and of course, suggest it to your friends. :)

Happy reading!


Malissa said...


Anonymous said...

I loved your book. Got a copy a few days ago. It's awesome! A well deserved congrats, to you, babe.

Barb K said...

Sweet girl, I just finished "Violette Between" and loved to be pulled away from my otherwise crazy life. I would have bought a copy no matter what, but between Dee Tsaikals email and the fact the little Maya Michel loves to play "Violet" (Sorry, from The Incredibles)I was hooked. Thanks for your writing and especially thanks for for your ongoing encouragement to us.

In Him, Barb K.

Malissa said...

Allison--I got my copy today! Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to hogging it before I put it in the church library!
Thanks again