Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Violette Between" is a Rita Award Finalist!

Back in the fall I received an email telling me “Violette Between” had been nominated for the inspirationalcategory of the Rita Award. I was all jazzed until I read up and found out that over a thousand books are nominated–chances were obviously slim Violette would get to the finalist level.

Fast-forward five months to yesterday, when a number from Maryland kept coming up on my cell. Figuring it was a telemarketer or something, since I don’t know anyone in MD, I ignored it and figured they’d leave a message if it was important. They called twice without leaving a message, and the third time Dan answered for me. (I hate talking to people I don’t know on the phone!) After a minute he covers the mouthpiece and says, “Some woman from “RWA” saying you’re a finalist for some award?”

Yes, “Violette Between” is one of eight finalists in its category! Only one hundred of those thousands of nominees are chosen at this level–it truly is an honor to have just made it this far. You can see the other nominees in all the categories here. The winners are announced at a big, academy award-like dinner on the last night of RWA’s annual convention in July. It’s in Dallas, so since it’s not that far, we may go–heaven knows I’ve been jonesin’ for a reason to buy a big formal gown!

So, needless to say, I’m pretty psyched, although it’s funny because I was so angst-ridden over my books being considered romances when they were being marketed by Waterbrook. Now I’m coming to terms with the label and embracing the genre with all the love in my heart.

Though I still promise never to allow a bodice-ripping or Fabio-like image on my covers. :)


Michael said...

Certainly well deserved.

Take Care

Jenny said...

Here's what I wanted to say on your other site--CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!
That is so great, and when you get that wonderful of an excuse to go shopping, have fun!
Oooh, this is so much better getting to post and not throwing a tantrum (grin)

Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary

Julia said...

That's awesome! Doesn't it feel good when hard work is actually rewarded for once?