Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Abby

Sadly, I don't have anything to report in terms of improvement, because really there hasn't been any. We get little flashes of hope now and then--"She actually ate an entire breakfast!" or "Her fever stayed down 4 hours after her Tylenol wore off!"--but she always goes back to her miserable, fevery, coughy sleeping-on-mommy self. Today was day 9. We've done a chest x-ray, a blood draw, and a urinalysis so far to determine the cause; at this point the x-ray and a couple blood tests are the only things that have come back, and they've all been negative, which is good since they would have shown scary things. The doctor really thinks it's just a horrific influenza, and said the fever could last 10 days. If that's the case, we should see some significant improvement by the weekend. We should also get the results of most of the other tests tomorrow.

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Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Praying for your little cutie. It's ok to give her children's motrin and or tylenol. As you said, if the fever keeps her from eating and drinking, that's not good. A low grade fever you can let alone, but when it's that high, she needs a little help.
hang in there and yeah--schedule that massage for sometime next week!