Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Out of the woods!

FINALLY. The fever is basically gone, only returning when she sleeps (which is apparently common in little ones), and she's slowly perking up in spirits as well. Yesterday was rough, but today seems to be going much better--a decent breakfast, some cuddle time on the couch, and some honest-to-goodness imaginative play. Hallelujah! The cough is still there and still sounds horrific, but she doesn't cough often, so that's a relief. Today we may actually get back to a real schedule. I think I remember how our days used to go, before we spent them on the couch watching the same four episodes of Blues Clues over and over and over and over.

And, of course, we'll take a little outing to the fire house where our polling place is located. GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched a documentary on the government yesterday with Dan that scared the *$&# out of me and made me pray all the more that Dr. Paul gets elected. Yes, it's a long shot, but I don't think it's nearly as far of a shot as the media would like us to think. I think if more people saw that documentary (which I'll blog about more later) Ron Paul would win by a landslide.

But we're an apathetic people. So he probably won't. So sad. Know of any affordable deserted islands that are up for sale?

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Julia said...

I admit it, Ron Paul would've been an amazing president: US troops out of everywhere, no more aid to nazi countries like Israel, China, Turkey, etc., USA stays out of other countries' business, no more war on drugs (LEGAL WEED!!!), no regulation of the internet at all, and all other good stuff. Too bad the only candidates people will vote for are the ones who are whores to the media. Shame.