Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recording them for posterity...

Abby toppled off her training potty (which gets a lot more use as a stool than a potty), and said, "Whoa--that was scary."

Me: "Oh yeah?"

Abby: "Yeah--my tummy jumped!"

We walk into Dan's office the other morning and Abby points to the print he'd hung on the wall the night before after she was in bed (same picture shown on this t-shirt) and says, "Hey--that's Ron Paul!"

Abby and I had lunch with my mom the other day and Abby tried some of Mom's salad. When Dan asked her later what she had for lunch she said, "I had salad, but I didn't like it."

Dan: “No?”

Abby (leaning in close and whispering): “It was too juicy.”

Priceless. I love it.

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