Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vote for Tiffany!

I know Tiffany Hull from my days at Axis, the now-defunct Gen X ministry at Willow Creek. Her husband was my boss when I was the Axis administrator, and Tiffany sang with the band. I just reconnected with them of Facebook, and just found out Tiffany is this up-and-coming awesome singer/songwriter! (Not that I'm surprised.) Anyway, there's this big vote going on right now for bands to play at Lollapalooza, so go here and vote for Tiffany right now--the deadline for voting is tomorrow, June 22. There are four rounds and this is just the first--if she makes it to the next round I'll be sure to post so we can all go vote again. :)

Go Tiffany go!!!


Marcela said...

I voted! That is so exciting! Was this the gal on American Idol?

Drew T. said...

Dang it! This is what I get for going to Europe for two weeks and then not being able to read blogs for a while. Now it's too late to vote. :(